Commissary Compliance

What you need to operate a Mobile Food Unit

Mobile Food Units are required to be inspected and licensed at least once a year, if not more depending on the City or County you operate in. Each one has very specific ordinances or codes that require Mobile Food Units to either be parked or utilizing the amenities of an approved Commissary. 

Commissary Letter  

Our Commissary Letter identifies your Mobile Food Unit in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the City or County in which you are applying to do business in. 

Commissary Letters accompany applications or other paperwork required by cities/counties in order to obtain a license or health permit and typically include:

I. Commissary Name

II. Commissary Owner’s Name & Contact Information (Address, Phone, Email)

III. Listing of Products and Services the Operator is contracted to purchase from the Commissary

IV. Commissary Owner’s Signature

V. Vehicle Owner’s Name & Contact Information (Address, Phone, Email)

VI. Vehicle Description (Truck Name, Year, Make, VIN, License Plate)

VII. Operator’s Name & Contact Information (Address, Phone, Email)

VIII. Vehicle Owner and/or Operator’s Signature

IX. Notary Stamp & Signature

How to join and receive your commissary paperwork

Schedule an appointment with Catering Grounds LLC to join our facility, you will need the following documents 

 Operator’s Driver’s License

 Any applicable Food Handler’s Cards or other Certifications

 Vehicle Registration

 Proof of Insurance


* These documents are kept on file for verification purposes. Operators must notify the Catering Grounds LLC of any changes, such as renewals or updates.